Meteograms show the weather forecast for a specified position of the world for the next 10 days. They contain the following parameters: wind direction, wind speed, gust speed, air temperature, apparent temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, cloud cover, sun radiation and precipitation.

Apparent temperature:

In contrast to the commonly known windchill the openportguide apparent temperature does not only take the air temperature and the wind speed into account, but also the air humidity and the direct and indirect sun radiation. The calculation is based on the work "Norms of Apparent Temperature in Australia" by Robert G. Steadman. Beyond the cooling effect of the wind it considers that the felt temperature is higher in the humide tropics than in the dry desert. It also considers that the felt temperature is higher in direct sun radiation than in the shadow below clouds.

A meteogram can be retrieved by the following URL:"parameter"="value"&&"parameter"="value"......

All parameters have standard values in case they are not specified. The order of the parameters has no influence.

An example:

Parameters "lat" and "lon"

Standard values: "lat" = 0, "lon" = 0

Accepted values: "lat" -90 to 90, "lon" -180 to 360

The parameter "lat" (Latitude) and "lon" (Longitude) specify the position of the weather forecast in decimal degrees.

For example Abu Dhabi, UAE: lat=24.48411&lon=54.36870 Dhabi, UAE

Parameter "position"

Standard value: "position" = deg

Accepted values: deg, DM, DMS

This parameter specifies the style of the position printed on the meteogram.

The following values can be chosen:

  • deg = decimal degrees
  • DM = degree minutes
  • DMS = degree minute seconds

For example Jakarta, Indonesia:, Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia

Parameter "digits"

Standard values: "digits" = 2

Accepted values: 0 to 8

This parameter specifies the decimal places of the position printed on the meteogram. This parameter only applicable if "position" is set "deg" or DM".

For example Syndey, Australia:, Australia&digits=4, Australia&digits=1

Parameter "label"

Standard value "label" = ""

Accepted values: All characters but not all special characters

This parameter specifies the name of the location printed on the meteogram.
There are limitations: Umlauts (Ä,Ö,Ü,ä,ö,ü) and some special characters such as "ß" can not be displayed. Also the beginning and end of the line will be cut if the line exceeds the width of the meteogram.

For example "a cold place": cold place

Parameter "nx" and "ny"

Standard values "nx" = 800, "ny" = 1000

Accepted values: "nx" 256 to 1920, "ny" 256 to 1920

This parameter specifies the size of the meteogram. "nx" specifies the width and "ny" the height.

For example Santiago, Chile:, Chile, Chile

Parameter "unit"

Standard values: "unit" = metric

Accepted values: metric, english

This parameter specifies if the units of the displayed values are printed in the metric system or the United States customary units.

For example Seattle, USA:, USA, USA


Parameter "lang"

Standard value: "lang" = de

Accepted values: de, en, fr, es

This parameter specifies the language of the labeling on the meteogram:

  • de = German
  • en = English
  • fr = French
  • es = Spanish

For example Athens, Greece:, Greece&lang=de, Greece&lang=en, Greece&lang=fr, Greece&lang=es